The backgammon game rules

This portal comprehends all the tools you need to play backgammon on the Internet. Starting with backgammon game rules and moving on to expert tips on strategies and backgammon skills, here you access all the resources to play online backgammon games.

Backgammon game rules may seem complicated at first, but you will notice that, as you practice and progress on your level, they will become intuitive. This is an addictive game and, like any other strategy game, it demands a lot of practice from its players.

Following the backgammon game rules come the strategies and tactics used to gain an edge over the adversary. This is where our team of editors comes in, offering to share their views on the winning tricks and their favorite spots to play backgammon online. You will find there is a way to make money playing backgammon, there are free downloads to get the backgammon software, and other nifty inside info. Start exploring!